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DSP Robotics creator of the FlowStone graphical Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software. Used for Robotics, Test and Measurement, PID Control, DSP, Education, View Lab experiments, and embedded systems.

Friday, 30 April 2010

A World of FlowStone IO possibilities!

Real world real time I/O from an expanding range of FlowStone interfaces:

44.1 KHz analogue A/D

96KHz 16ch A/D + 4ch D/A

32ch TTL output board

8ch Relay board

8 TTL Digital Ins + 8 Digital TTL Outs + 8Ch A/D

8ch RC serveo motor cotroller

Stepper Motor controller board

RFID Access Control reader board

A World of Applications!

DSP Robotics ‘FlowStone’ (Graphical Programming Language) is the way forward for so many applications:

Thursday, 29 April 2010

FlowStone Deployes to low cost Embedded Hardware!

Once you have created you stand alone FlowStone .exe file this can be deployed to any Windows PC or Laptop or for industrial applications standalone Embedded System.

Mini ITX Embedded Motherboard

Using the new Windows Embedded Standard you can make your DSP application into a real product by using our Embedded hardware. Windows Embedded can be loaded onto a compact flash drive and made to boot straight into your application (Just like a Cash Machine etc.).

The benefit of such embedded systems is that you get all of the interoperability of a PC without having to run full windows. Making it reliable, stable and secure.

FlowStone Deploys to Windows .exe

One of the key features of FlowStone is once you have created your real time simulation of your DSP or Robotics application you can hit the 'make .exe' button and create your own stand alone application!

 Make EXE Button

Make Exe Menu

Once deployed you can distribute and share sell  your standalone exe!

Friday, 16 April 2010

DSP Robotics Launches FlowStone

10 years in the making FlowStone, the new software from DSP-Robotics, now releases the power of PC systems to perform high end real-time Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Robotics control from a simple graphical user interface!

FlowStone DSP Screenshot

Create you digital Signal processing design quickly in the 'FlowStone' graphical programming language, simulate it in real time whilst programming, then simply render your finished design down to a standard PC .exe file to run and distribute.

A room with a view: 
Unlike most embedded systems you have the option with FlowStone to have your own custom GUI to display your processing results and add real-time functionality!

Finished Application with custom GUI - from BTC Audio

Real world inputs and outputs can come from a range of low cost IO devices such a 96Khz real-time multichannel audio, standard sound cards, TTL Parallel Ins, TTL Parallel Outs, Serial Devices, motor control  cards, servo control cards, USB I/O, Relay Outs and many more!

For Industrial designs use your FlowStone compiled .exe on Embedded systems to provide standalone solutions!

For more information visit: