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DSP Robotics creator of the FlowStone graphical Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software. Used for Robotics, Test and Measurement, PID Control, DSP, Education, View Lab experiments, and embedded systems.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Hexapod Programming for Robot Magazine

For the FlowStone Workshop 8 for Robot Magazine, DSPRobotics programmed a CrustCrawler Hexapod using FlowStone V3, Inverse Kinematics and an Xbox Controller!

Read the full article here:


 Here's a short video of this six legged beast coming to life:

Download the source code here:


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

DSPRobotics release FlowStone V3

UK based DSPRobotics today released Version 3 of their popular FlowStone graphical programming language. This version marks a cornerstone in the company’s development as it now includes the entire feature set from their sister software SynthMaker as well as a host of new features, developments, and expanded Ruby Code support.

As of today both products will live on under the FlowStone brand and continue to support an ever expanding market including Rapid Software Development, Engineering, Robotics, Test and Measurement, Education, Home Automation, Audio/Video Signal Processing, and Music plug-in applications.

Existing users of the software, both FlowStone and SynthMaker, will be able to upgrade to V3 for only £149.00 including 12 months of upgrades, whilst new users will be able to buy the software for $249.00 including upgrades or just $149.00 with no upgrades or support.
For more information please visit: www.dsprobotics.com