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Sunday, 21 August 2011

FlowArm 2 Software released

The new FlowArm 2 software from the LnxMotion Robot arms has just been released!

New FlowArm V2


Here are the release notes:

You can now control two arms from the same SC-32. To do this just open a second instance of the FlowArm software. The second program will automatically become the Arm2 controller and talk to the Arm1 application (requires Networking & UDP port 80). You can even run the Arm2 software on another PC on the Network!

You can now use the onscreen switches to control the SC-32 output pins 8-15 (Arm1) & 24-31(Arm2).
There is now a pause sequence slider to allow pauses of up to 1min (60000ms) between sequence steps.

The Spare Servos A & B now work properly.

The Servo Speed slider has been reversed as requested.

New screen sizing buttons have been added S = Small, M = Medium, & L = Large + there is a Full Screen toggle and a Quit button.

The software and source code can be downloaded by official FlowStone users from here:


Thursday, 4 August 2011

FlowStone Expands it's LabJack Support!

Following the success of the LabJack U3 HV module inside FlowStone, we have now added the LabJack U3 LV module to complete the U3 range.

For More Information: www.dsprobotics.com or www.labjack.com

FlowStone expands it’s Phidgets Range!

With the latest release of FlowStone the Graphical Programming Language from DSPRobotics, the supported range of Phidgets devices has been expanded to include all of the latest new Phidgets Interfaces!

This includes:

1065 - PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor
1002 - PhidgetAnalog 4-Output
1054 – PhidgetFrequencyCounter
1046 - PhidgetBridge 4-Input
1011 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2
1040 – PhidgetGPS
1045 - PhidgetTemperatureSensor IR

As well as all of the other existing Interfaces.

In addition FlowStone now supports the Phidgets SBC (1 & 2), allowing multiple Phidget devices to be connected across a network!

More information: www.dsprobotics.com or www.phidgets.com

FlowStone Supports the Measurement Computing USB-1208FS DAQ

As part of our expanding range of supported DAQ devices in FlowStone , we have just release our first module for Measurement Computing.

This is the USB-1208FS USB-Based Module with 8 Analogue Inputs and 16 Digital I/O Lines.

Key Highlights:
8 single-ended or 4 differential analog inputs (12-bit resolution)
Two 12-bit analogue outputs
16 digital I/O lines

 For more information contact www.dsprobotics.com or www.mccdaq.com

FlowStone Supports the Ximea Currera-R Machine Vision Camera

This amazing little camera actually has an Intel Atom based PC inside capable of running the whole FlowStone development environment or a FlowStone EXE application. In order to use this camera for robotics programming FlowStone now has a pre-programmed module for the Currera Camera allowing video capture and image processing inside FlowStone. There is a 4Gb solid state hard drive built in plus a micro SD memory card slot for video recording, plus a selection of other interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet (with Power over Ethernet), USB, VGA, RS232, fast and isolated Digital Inputs and Outputs. The camera frame rates can be up 1600 fps with various image sizes up to 2592x1944, plus the high quality lenses are interchangeable.

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