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Friday, 25 March 2011

FlowStone V1.12 Released!

A new version of FlowStone is now available.

The main features include:

- New: the Networking components are now in all versions of the software (Including FREE)
- New: you can now use a single ASIO channel in the FREE edition
- New: IfThenElse component
- New: Array Builder components
- New: Append Array components
- New: Float, String and Int Array components now have insert and delete capability
- New: the Save Wave component is promoted out of R&D
- New: the Save Wave component has new format options for 16,24 & 32 bit ints and also 32 bit floats
- New: the WaveFile and WaveFileArray components now support 32 bit sample wave files (both float and int)

FlowStone FREE, Enterprise and Pro can be downloaded here:


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