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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Specials 50% off FlowStone for the weekend!

Well there‚s no escaping the Royal Wedding here in the UK this weekend!

So here at DSPRobotics we thought we would take advantage of this situation by offering some special discount vouchers for FlowStone just for this wedding mania period to give you an alternative to watching the happy couple:

FlowStone Pro Wedding Special: £245 / $369* / •289*
FlowStone Enterprise Wedding Special:  £95 / $145* / •112*
Upgrade from Enterprise to Pro: £169 / $255* / •199*
Voucher Code:  royal50
* estimated conversion from British Pounds

These one off wedding offers will end at midnight (GMT) on Monday 2nd May, and will not be repeated.

Login and Download here: www.dsprobotics.com/download.php

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