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Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Low cost USB Hardware for FlowStone

We have added some open source examples for the new PIC Clicker board from MikroElektonika!

PIC Clicker only $19 USD!

This USB HID programmable board has a 'mikro Bus' socket for any of the 70+  Click interface boards.

We have created various example projects including FlowStone projects .hex firmware files as well as the source code in C++ for the board.

These can be found here:

IR Temp sensor

7 Segment Display

3 Axis Accelerometer

Relay Board

RS485 to DMX 512 (disco light protocol)

Each has a FlowStone example similar to this:

There is also an example that turns the bare board into a FlowBoard mini DAQ!

The PIC Clicker and Click boards are available from MikroElektonika HERE or RS Components now Stock these HERE

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