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Sunday, 22 August 2010

FlowStone Supports Robot Drive System!

FlowStone now supports the Robot Electronics RD02 - Robot Drive System.

This is a great little drive system connecting via RS232 (TTL Levels).

You can control the motor speed and acceleration independently for each wheel. Plus read back the encoder wheel positions and battery voltage.

Wheels 10cm in diameter, 12V DC powered.

Available from:


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

FlowStone gets more Wii

FlowStone gets extended wiimote support!

Now implemented is the Infrared (IR) camera motion tracking, not a lot of people know this but the wiimote has a powerful IR camera that tracks up to four point sources of IR light. This can be used for motion tracking, application such a digital white boards, head motion tracking, robotics guidance etc.

Also we have added the Nunchuk to expand the possibilities of your application and robotics control.

Why not make one of these projects:

Virtual Drum Kit!
Robot Remote control!
Robot balance system!
Digital Theremin!
Digital white board!
robot guidance system!
wii balanced Segway type robot!

All of the wii mote support is avalible in FlowStone FREE !

Dowload : www.dsprobotics.com/download.html

Sunday, 8 August 2010

FlowStone Gets Wii Mote support!

Control your Robots or DSP applications using the Wii Mote (wii remote) and FlowStone Graphical Programming Language.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Complete Phidgets Interface Range Added!

Completeing the whole range of Phidgets Interfaces FlowStone now supports these aditional products:

- New Phidgets Advanced Servo component

- New Phidgets Stepper component

- New Phidgets LED Advanced component

- New Phidgets Accelerometer component

- New Phidgets Motor Control component

- New Phidgets Spatial component

- New Phidgets Encoder component

- New Phidgets RFID component