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Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Expanded Phidgets Support in FlowStone FREE

We have just uploaded the latest version of FlowStone FREE!

This version has an expanded range of Phidgets interface boards including:

Phidgets 8/8/8  (8x digital In, 8 x Analogue in, 8 x digital out)

Phidgets 0/0/4 (4 x Relay out)

Phidgets 0/0/8 (8 x Relay out)

Phidgets 0/16/16 (16 x Digital in , 16 x Digital out)

Phidgets Accelerometer 3-Axis - measures movement in 3 axis – see video:

Phidgets IR (Sends and Receives Consumer IR remote control codes)

Phidgets Temperature Sensor 4-Input (Sensors 4 channels of Temperature Sensors)

Phidgets Text LCD (LCD text Display)

Phidgets Linear Touch (Detects a finger touch through plastic or glass – liker a slider or fader)

More to come!!!

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