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Friday, 22 June 2012

New Home Automation Modules

coming soon in FlowStone are several new modules to talk to Home Automation devices. One of the more interesting ranges is the Netvox range of wireless Zigbee interfaces.

These include things such as:

Security products (PIR's, door switches etc)
Sensors (Temp, humidity, light, smoke etc)

Here is an article comming out in robot Magazine about FlowStone and Home Automation:

There is also support for the Owl energy monitors and the existing support for Marmitek X10 products.


  1. I started using Home automation almost two years ago and I can say that it is really helpful especially in parenting my kids, monitoring house while office hours and etc. that's why I am really thankful to my brother for letting me to know a kind of technology like this, now I am planning to add some another security system as my son turning to be a teenager.
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